Paragliding Trip: Canary Islands

Parapente Canaries

Fly in spring conditions during the long Winter months...

The landscapes range from volcanic mountains to empty beaches to lush green countryside and all just a short flight from continental Europe. This is our favourite winter destination - Tenerife and La Palma, in the Canary Islands.

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Meet goup at Tenerife airport where we start our trip. The flights on this trip vary between mountainous terrain and coastal waters, gentle thermals and seaside soaring, and from 0 to 2200m. To sum up - a paragliding holiday with a taste of the tropics. Even so, be prepared to get chilly and bring plenty of warm clothes as on some flights, for example from Izaña we will take-off at 2200m and descend to sea level. Where accommodation is concerned, we treat ourselves to Boutique Hotels, and charming guesthouses around the islands.

Practical Information:

There are numerous low-cost airlines operating in and out of Tenerife, and many special offers to avail of during low-season, especially if booked in advance.
Airlines who fly to Tenerife: aireuropa, transavia, ryanair, easyjet Bear in mind that warm clothes will be necessary for early morning and/or high-altitude flights

Our prices include:

-Transport during the course
-Accommodation in a shared room
-One guide
-One trip leader

Our prices do not include:

-Extra expenses during your stay (ex. drinks)
Fuel is not included and will be a shared cost amongst the group participants (+-50€/pp).