Paragliding Trip: Granada, Sierra Nevada

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From mellow coastal soaring to high altitude thermic flying - the Sierra Nevada has it all, and its not only variety that's on offer - there is also some world class flying up for grabs...

The journey of discovery might start with the paragliding but don't worry - it doesn't stop there. When your flying kit is packed up for the day, join us in getting to know the world-renowned culture and atmosphere of Andalucia.

Each day your paragliding guide will choose the best flying site based on the weather conditions, the goals of the group and the level of the individual pilots.

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We will meet you at Malaga or Granada airport with our vehicles and depending on the time of arrival, we will stop on route to Granada for our first Andalucian flight just to get you into the spirit of things. We then continue on our way to Granada where you will be shown to your accommodation. During the trip we will fly at many different flying sites around Granada. If you want soaring conditions or high mountain thermals, sea breezes or dry dessert - here its all waiting for you, and all within 100km of Granada. In the evenings you can continue to explore the nightlife of Granada, hear some flamenco in a gypsy cave, sip wines in the bodegas, sample the famous tapas or just lose yourself in the labyrnth of streets in the Albycin.

Our prices include:

-Transport during the course
-*Accommodation in a shared room in a 2-star Hotel with Breakfast
- One guide/trip leader

Our prices do not include:

-Extra expenses during your stay (ex. drinks)
-Fuel is not included and will be a shared cost amongst the group participants

Practical Information:
Our flying sites are situated between 0 and 2200m. Even in very warm weather, be prepared for the cold when flying as wind and altitude are often overlooked.
To reach Granada, it is often better to use the nearby international airport of Malaga as there are more airlines and flights making for a better selecion of special offers and generally lower prices. Airlines: ryanair, easyjet, vueling, transavia,…
Voir ryanair, vueling, transavia,…

Price of trip:
Guiding, transport and accommodation* - 80€ per night per person

Guiding and transport only - 60€ per day per person