Paragliding Trip: XC course, Slovenia

parapente slovenie

Bordering Autstria and Italy, and less than 800 km from France, Slovenia offers a full range of flying sites with exceptional flying conditions...

We will base ourselves in Tolmin in the Soca Valley, near to the Italian border. The topography of the area makes for great cross country conditions, allowing long, mellow flights with only the cows in the high pastures below for company.

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The group will meet at Tolmin where we will show you to your lodgings, and depending on the time of arrival, take a reki trip into the Julian Alps. The first night we will familiarize ourselves with the maps and take note of coordinates on GPS (remember to bring the necessary cables).

Each day will normally start with a briefing on weather conditions and a chat about our flight plan for the day, explaining all key moments and decisions to be made during the flight. You will be accompanied by one or two guides during the flight. We will avail of a driver and van who will provide lifts to the take-off, pick-up during the day, and taxi from the landing sites back to our base as needed.

In the evening we have a debriefing of the flight and an analysis of the GPS tracks which we will download to use with Google Earth. This course is aimed at experienced pilots who are capable of flying autonomously. Minimum material required: wing, harness, safety parachute, GPS, VHF Radio, mobile phone.

Practical Information:

To get to Slovenia, you have the option of flying to several international airports: Venice (Italy) Trieste (Italy) Llublijana (Slovenia).
Or to drive to Slovenia from continental Europe is also an economic option.

Our prices include:

-Transport during the course
-Accommodation in a shared room
-One guide
-One trip leader

Our prices do not include:

-Extra expenses during your stay (ex. drinks)
Fuel is not included and will be a shared cost amongst the group participants (+-50€/pp).

Price of the trip - 100€ per day per person